Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sharepoint 2010 Administration - Unable to retract and remove the WSP solution. Its Weird !!!

Today i encountered an issue where in i am not able able to retract and remove the WSP solution.

Below are the steps which helped me in doing the above task.

When we try to retract the solution the status will show retracting(the timer job will be created for that) but when we press F5 the status will change it to deployed. its very strange tat i am unable to retract and remove the solution.

The below image shows its retracting when i click on retract.

The below image shows deployed once the it completed the job (STRANGE) :)

Now how to retract and remove the solution


Once i retracted the solution i tried executing the below command  which didnt help and i got the error message saying "The administration service is running so all administration jobs will be run in the timer service"
stsadm.exe -o execadmsvcjobs

Below is the Error Image

After that i went to services.msc and stopped the "SharePoint 2010 Administration Services"

Now again i tried retracting the WSP and got the below error message

 Which means the timer job for retracting operation has been created. but it waill fail because the adminstrative service for this server is not enabled :) "EXPECTED"

also they provided the command in the error msg to for exectuting the timer jobs. Tried running the command it worked properly and then i started SharePoint 2010 Administration service again.

Below is the commands which i used.

Well  this is not the permanent fix. But its retracted and removed the solution :)

Hope this will be useful :)

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